Thread Lift: Viral Aesthetic Treatments in Malaysia

thread lift treatment

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It is inevitable for our skin to age as we grow older. Signs like wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines become increasingly noticeable. A thread lift can help you out with that. 

It’s important for you to take preventive measure to avoid early aging symptoms as they indicate a breakdown of the skin’s tissue. 

But first, what’s a thread lift?

What is Thread Lift?

thread lift treatment

Thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that offers a less invasive alternative to facelift surgery. 

It claims to tighten your skin through the insertion of medical-grade material into your face.

A thread lift is a quicker treatment that focuses on the lower face’s aging signs. 

It involves the subcutaneous placement of PDO threads (temporary sutures) which are pulled to achieve the desired skin lift effect. 

In a thread lift, the doctor simply suspends the patient’s loose facial skin by stitching up proportions of it instead of surgically removing it. 

Not only that, a thread lift can increase the production of your skin’s collagen- which is important in slowing down the skin aging process. 

How does Thread Lift Work?

thread lift treatment

The thread lift procedure works in two ways.

The first is relatively simple. Your doctor can pull your skin tight around your forehead, neck, or torso by inserting tiny and dissolvable sutures underneath it.

As the thread is pulled tight, invisible and painless “barbs” take hold of your skin to ensure that the thread is holding your underlying tissue and muscles.

Your body starts to heal itself once a barbed thread is inserted. 

The threads under your skin don’t hurt you, but your body recognises a suture and increases the production of collagen where it is present. 

Collagen can close gaps in sagging skin and give your face a more elastic, youthful appearance.

Targeted Areas for Thread Lift

So, which areas of your body can you do thread lifting?

Many people opt for a thread lift for facial areas that ‘sag’ or look less taut. 

These areas consist of:

But that’s not all of them. 

You can also use thread lifts to tighten breasts, especially after pregnancy and weight loss.

Side Effects of Thread Lift 

Although a thread lift is a low-risk procedure with a minimal recovery time, there are still some effects and a risk of complications. 

Some common side effect of thread lift including swelling, bruising, and pain at the injection site. These side effect are usually mild and resolve on their own within a few days. 

However in some cases, more severe side effect can occurs such as infection scarring or damages to the nerves or blood vessels in the treated area. 

Following a thread lift, it’s typical to feel the following:

  • bruising
  • swelling
  • bleeding
  • slight pain at the site of the thread injection

These possible complications are minor and can be easily fixed. 

But you might want to look after the following side effects:

  • allergic reactions to ingredients in the threading material
  • excessive bleeding caused by blood accumulation under your skin 
  • visible ‘dimpling’ or pulling where the threads are inserted
  • lumpy skin caused by unintended ‘movement’ of the threads
  • infection at the area of the procedure

Of all the risks of a thread lift, infection is the one that needs the closest attention. 

Immediately contact your physician if you see:

  • green, black, brown, or red discharge at the area of your surgery
  • swelling longer than 2 days
  • high fever
  • persistent headaches

Result of Thread Lift

facial treatment

A successful thread lift requires relatively little recovery time. 

While you may have some noticeable swelling and bruising, you can return to work straight away if you’d like.

Results should be seen right away after the threads are placed, but as swelling and bruises start to go down, you might notice more in the days and weeks that follow.

The effects of a thread lift are not intended to be long-lasting. 

Successful results often last between 1 to 3 years. 

The threads utilised in the surgery, like other dissolvable dermal fillers like Botox, will eventually be absorbed by the tissue beneath your skin.

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