Dr. Glam Glow & Glam Super Antioxidant Capsule


GLOW & GLAM from DR GLAM main content is GLUTHATHIONE from TORULA YEAST . In fact glow & glam has all natural ingredient , no chemical content to help men & women with their problem.
Quantity : 60 Tablet
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How Glow & Glam can improve me?

1. WHITENING effect from gluthathione , which can reduce pigment (sun spot, melasma, skin discoloration) , brighten the skin & prevent dullness

2. It has ANTI AGING property , all the superficial wrinkles & lines can be corrected.

3. Skin appear MOIST & GLOW from the hyaluronic acid content.

4. Enhance IMMUNE function , stronger & healthy body

5. PROTECT EYES from age related eye disease i.e cataract , AMD, brighten the eyes

6. Very helpful for those who is suffering from ACNE, SKIN ALLERGY , ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, can reduce the inflammation & flare up

Glow & Glam contents are all ORGANIC (from vegetable & fruits). Hence it is safe for everyone, men & women (include breastfeeding & pregnant mothers). Kids age more 6 years old are advisable to consume to strengthen their immune system.


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