Nose Enhancement ( Nose Thread)

Nose Enhancement ( Nose Thread)

The common problems with nose are Flat Nose, Ill-defined Nose and Short Nose Tip.

The nose defines the balance of the face and a beautifully shaped nose that is in balance with the rest of the features defines beauty. A well-shaped nose has a straight bridge, a neat rounded tip and nostrils that are the ideal size in proportion to the rest of the nose. If you have a flat nasal bridge, a round and bulbous tip, and a short, wide nose, you may like to consider a nose thread lift.

A minimally invasive procedure by inserting absorbable threads into nose bridge and tip area for enhancement. This treatment has minimal downtime. The procedure is specially targeted at giving you a straighter, higher and more defined nose bridge or nose tip.
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Treatment was good and staffs are friendly too. Dr. on duty has also explained on the suitable treatment that suits me the most. Overall, it is recommendable to everyone.
nursyuhada yaacob
Dr Siti and Dr Amira are very professional and the best consultant and doctor you could ever ask for. They are very helpful and friendly, and definitely experienced! Staffs are so polite and feel welcomed.
Rosida Ida
The Supplement Glow & Glam is a very good product, after consuming 1 bottle, twice a day my eyes are brighten up. No more tears when working on with laptop for long hours.Slimming for arm and tummy was superb results with dedicated and skillful doctors and good teamwork.
May Leong
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